Saturday, August 15, 2009

WELCOME TO VERTICA 7 | Official Launch of Website

Dear Friends,

MALAYSIAN CINEMA's future is in the hands of a new breed of filmmakers. They who continue to push the creative buttons of this cultural elevator we call home. With dedicated passion to our craft & our undying love for moving pictures, we want to share this website with all young local directors, producers, writers & score composers. We are the shape of things to come. The sound of the gong will resonate with the arrival of bold new works from this prolific generation. Let us not be afraid to translate our vision into celluloid reality. To experiment and to explore new terrains that will propel our film industry from subterranean existence to the higher echelons of international cinema. Come and join us in this epic journey into the future. Here at Vertica 7, while we strive to advance filmmaking with razor sharp & evocative content, we too look forward to collaborate with anyone who shares the same foresight & tenacity!

Jon Wong.

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  1. Nice to meet you..

    I'm Stephen, new in blogspot.
    hope you can share idea with me...

    See you there..